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    Thursday, May 10, 2007

    new bloggy

    hey people! we've done up our joint blog! after soo many hours! its quite fun doing it together haha...pls visit and give us comments!

    Here's the link!

    more updates!

    okie for some updates! yesterday i went to dear's house to cook lunch for him. went to clementi's NTUC and just grab whatever i need and decided to cook jap curry with beef stew for him! hehe! as some of u may already know, i don't know how to cook, or rather, put it more accurately, i've never really cooked a meal! so i wanted to give it a try and do something for my dear.... so i just gave it a shot!!

    wahaha i just anyhow whack...coz its not my kitchen, i needed some help from dear to tell me where his spices are etc. and thanks dear for helping me peel potatoes! coz i dunno how to peel using knive haha. i anyhow just aga aga marinated the beef cubes with whatever i have...boiled the potatoes..etc etc. it was really an experience...

    Ingredients used:
    2 potatoes
    1 tomato
    1 red pepper
    beef cubes
    jap curry spices
    olive oil
    some additional spices to marinate
    soya sauce

    and it turned out really nice! i had to stir fry the beef first! i did it 90% myself! right dear! hehe and whether it turned out nice or not...heh heh. dear! u gotta tell them! :) i found it quite nice hehehe especially for my first time! but the rice was super soggy though, added too much water. that was a big mistake but the rest turned out okay! =) i had a great time...and more importantly, this dish is specially for dear...next time will have more and more home cooked meals! =) hee love u!

    see the curry! =)

    as for today! i went to meet yiling and jia min with xl to treat them lunch for their belated birthdays! @ long john silver...heez. seems like it has become a tradition to go there....oh wells! its nice catching up with them

    after which i went to meet mei ling with xin ling to sing k box @ marina! =)
    sang from 2-7pm. very shiok. haha. i sang almost all that i wanted to sing..sing till i tired already...hahaha. i sang a lot a lot! happy! but was missing dear...heez. can't wait for k box with guitar dearies next sat! wah everyweek k box once...quite tiring actually heez! but its the company thats fun! this's us!

    after k box, we went to yoshinoya for dinner...and we had a 1 hour conversation... in general, we talked about marriage, bgr and stuff like that.
    1. 'zhi zuo' --> also means stubborness in lay man's term
    mei ling was talking about how she was really stubborn in the past, in the sense that if she really wants something, she must get it. and then she said this...after so many years...all these stubborness has only given her one thing - 'high blood pressure'. now, she has to eat medicine every morning because of it....and she was telling us that we should learn to let go, and not hold on to things so tightly...must be able to live openly and stuff like that.
    i agree that we should let go of certain things...but to me, as a christian, it's important to really be able to let go of things that are wordly. For example, holding on to money, career, grades, material possessions, anger, grudges etc etc... these will not bring us to heaven. Rather, we should hold on to love, Godly relationships, faith, and most imporatntly, God's word. Today, i was thinking about 'forgive & forget'. I've come across people who hold on to grudges, just being unwilling to forgive someone no matter what...perhaps this someone has been hurt by a friend or loved one in a certain way....but Jesus said on the day of His crusification, 'Father, forgive them for they do not know what they're doing'. Even to the point of death, He forgave those who hurt them....for me, i always encourage people to let go of grudges and forgive...because to me, by holding on to grudges, the person who is most hurt is yourself...for you've chosen not to let yourself go...it becomes a burden in your heart and it'll just makes one lose the trust in all relationships, not just friendships.
    2. Marriage & BGR
    We were talking about different views of marriage and bgr...and amongst us, there were differing thoughts about it. One of them talked about how it is troublesome to get into a relationship and sometimes its just not worth it for a woman coz when your bf is less capable than u, u just can't gain anything out of it..so wads the point? Another said that by being in a relationship, you would be able to have that someone to talk to..sometimes being alone is very tiring coz u can't share all your thoughts..and so, it is better to have someone to talk to, but to that someone, she believes that the couple should not share money..they should spend their money separtely....as for marriage, it's troublesome and its different being married and being a dating couple...somehow, marriage will change the couple's character and personality...eg, when u get married, your wife changes from a quiet, peaceful lady to a fierce, domineering wife...
    my take is that...when u get into a relationship, its not about getting what you want out of it..its not about expectations..it's not about what u can gain out of it. Neither is it about reciprocal love or for the sake of wanting to be loved...rather, it's about God's plan for you. The one that is meant for you, as your soulmate, is the right one for you. To me, a relationship is something that allows you and your partner to experience God's love together...to walk in this Christian journey together, as one body in Christ...true love comes from God. For without Him, there's no love..and the greatest of all is Jesus's sacrificial love...that He gave His only son to die on the cross for us all. Often, as humans, we expect something out of a relationship...but really, we shouldn't expect anything out of it...but rather, we should do everything out of love for that one person, without expecting anything in return...that's true love. Doing everything out of love, for your soulmate, and for God...believing in Him, trusting in Him that He will provide for this relationship. Marriage is a commitment..it's not troublesome...rather, it's something so special, so unique...a bond not to be broken...and when you build God's family, spreading His word to the next generation, it's just something so wonderful...to see your child fulfilling God's glory and purpose. =) thats just my take in this matter....well, many thoughts went through my mind today..just had to pend it down. Different ppl have different thoughts...i'm not saying i'm right, neither am i saying others are wrong...but well, thats just my perspective about some issues! =)
    ok, enough said! such a long post! anyway dear set up a combined blog! when its ready i'll put the link here! hmm still deciding whether i should continue with this personal blog! will miss it though! heez
    tmr gotta go back sch for booth duty (4 hours! my gosh!) followed by tim's bday party! tim's dear's friend...heez. =) ohh and i gotta start doing my prayer pointers since i'm prayer i/c for my misison trip! =)

    Sunday, May 06, 2007

    0204 class dinner @ vivo city MARCHE!

    ooh..i'm having fun with picasa! oh well! i forgot to update that my jc class had chalet on last friday and saturday but i only went for the dinner yesterday. it was @ vivo city marche. the food was okay la..but what was nice is that our 2 beloved F Maths teachers went! Mrs Kay and Mrs Leong! =) Mrs Kay was our civics tutor, which is like our 'form teacher' i love them so much!

    it was nice to get together again after a year or so which has been so long! =) especially jia min, shin fei and all..miss them! a pity some of them cldn't make it..and even more pity the other teachers whom we invited couldn't make it too!

    mrs kay and mrs leong were so cute! mrs leong played the 'wink' murderer with us and she actually uses probability to find the murderer without seeing who wink...zai haha. very professional detective haha! and we played air hocket @ vivo arcade with them! mrs kay and mrs leong were so cute! hahaha..they first time play! and not bad! impressed! and they played pool! hahahha. mrs kay vs mrs leong. super funny! both of them dunno how to play..it was mrs leong's first time but my oh my! she's SUPER GOOD! 100 times better than me la! mrs kay not that good coz her hand not so stable...but very funny...she was like 'must see the impact and the angle ah...' hahahhaa. fmaths mechanics. those were the days..they are the best teachers. really. our class love them so much.

    they took so many photos with us too! =) and mrs kay was so nice to drive me home! i'm gonna miss them!!
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    our 5 mths anni @ ESCAPE theme park!

    happy 5 mths dear! =) more to come!

    here's us at ESCAPE theme park! thank God there's no rain today even though it was really really sweltering hot! which got us quite tired after around 2pm. haha. dear managed to change some petrol points for escape theme park entry yay =) thank you dear for finally bringing me here! haha. i always wanted to go escape coz i've NEVER been there!

    hmmm i was really excited and told myself i'm gonna sit many many rides! but haha i chickened out when i saw the 'inverter' ride..but i was 'persuaded' by dear to sit that. my gosh. i never wanna sit that again. total 360 degrees turn..i was screaming like some mad woman. and while screaming, i kept saying 'i dun wanna sit this!' haha. i kept my eyes shut all the way...but dear kept his eyes open througout. and i got so dizzy after sitting that! but the rest of the rides i'm quite okay right! haha..although dear took a super much big effort to 'persuade' me to do the 'go kart' ride..coz the slope was quite steep and i was afraid i would bang the motor car somehow. somemore the advance one i have to do it alone! at least the beginner's one can sit 2 person. haha. but when i finally did it...i wanted to do it again! very fun! haha. i like i like. but i think i'm relaly a reckless driver..i just keep accelerating haha. The 'wet and wild' ride was nice! i like the 15 metres drop...i sat in front and poor dear got his whole shirt wet. haha

    There weren't many rides but then it was quite worth it la since we only paid for lunch effectively. =) after playing most of the rides, we headed on to east coast to drink coconut and then we were too tired to continue and thus...home sweet home! i slept for almost 2 hours straight haha.

    i had a great day! thanks dear! =)

    ooh and i'm having a pimple break out now. i think its because i used the wrong pimple cream..and now it seems like i'm having achne the whole face! my skin has never been this bad! i'm so sad!! =( i hope the pimples go away sooon! i dun like pimples! *pouts*
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    bobo & bibi again! =)

    Just an update, bobo & bibi has been growing very healthily. just a few days back, we decided to upgrade their house and make it more vibrant, and thus, we bought a little burrow/ cottage rather for them to sleep in there...they like to cover themselves with hay and cotton so we can't peep and see them while they sleep! haha. so cute! and we also bought a plastic ball to put them inside so they can just roll and roll all over the place without us losing sight of them! here's more pictues of them with me and dear!

    just yesterday, when i was in dear's house...we were playing with bobo & bibi. we let them run around on the table and let them free on dear's bed...lo and behold! haha we were carrying them halfway...when dear saw bobo/bibi's shit suspended on their backside...which was going to drop any minute on his pillow! we were franctic! and when i lifted the other hamster up on the pillow...she has already shitted! one black drop on dear's pillow! haha we rushed for tissue and the whole scene was hilarious! dear faster put back the other hamster with the suspended shit which was just in time for her to shit in the cage! hahahha. poor darling! =)

    oh! and dear bought some nuts for them yesterday coz he wantde to experiment which nuts they like best! apparently! they don't really like the food we bought from the pet shop...so dear have been giving them all sorts of nuts to see which one they like best! dear said they like walnut best...they like hazelnut too! what an expensive taste haha. our hamsters seem to go for high class food. and dear is gonna make them so fat! haha. =)
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    cousin's wedding a few mths back!

    heez my cousin just sent me the wedding photos! so having explored picasa, and finally taught by dear how to make a collage, i decided to experiment it on my own! =)
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    Wednesday, May 02, 2007

    spiderman 3!

    Today was the last day of dear's exam. I went to school early to wait for him while he finishes his last paper for the semester. =) and i did my quiet time while waiting...started on this christian book called 'why did God allow suffering' but didn't read much coz i felt sleepy haha. but thank God it went quite well for him =)

    After that, we went to my pgp room to pack up my stuff coz i'm not staying there anymore...so i had to remove all my stuff and bring it back home. thanks dear for helping me out...then we headed to holland v for lunch. =)

    right after lunch, i went to dear's house to play with bobo & bibi and watched this christian dvd, 'A vow to cherish'. Really sweet and meaningful...

    Bibi and Bobo were really cute! i dare to play and touch with them already! are u proud of me dear! hahaha...they're so adorable...see i took so many videos and pictures! more to come! bobo is the darker hamster...she has a darker stripe of fur on the centre of her body. =) i saw them snuggling up their cotton wool for bed, saw them eat, drink, cuddle with each other to sleep, play with each other, bathe in the bathing powder...haha really cute and interesting!

    look! that's dear's finger...this is the second storey of their humble abode. they had to climb up this spiral 'staircase' for them to reach the second level..lots of cotton for them there. they like it! they always take a little bit then bring it back down to the first floor and sleep on it. hahaha! so so so cute! the corn there is to suck up all their urine...haha. thats bobo..the more happening hamster who runs arnd more. bibi, like me, is always sleeping...haha.

    After watching the dvd and playing with our hamsters, we headed to vivo to watch spidey. before that we shopped a little, then went to Toys'r'us! ( i dunno how to spell! sorry haha)

    heard alvin & Tq, zz & sb, and me & dear watching spidey 3 today. so qiao. somemore alvin & tq watched at vivo like us too! just diff timing...zz, where did u 2 go and watch haha! dun tell me vivo!

    Anyway, we had great fun at toys'r'us...took pictures somremore. ok...dun laugh. this branch very big leh! i'm quite amused...haha. quite interesting! so many many toys! some of them quite fun to play with haha. see!

    haha this giraffe very cute. i had to ask dear to take a picture with it. =) so cute isn't it!

    thomas the train! is he thomas? haha i think so! anyway, i used to watch this cartoon. so this is me and mr. thomas

    my dear playing with the otopus toy! its not childish k. its really quite fun...u can press the tentacles then it will play the sound of a note..so there's like 1 octave...and i made 'twinkle twinkle little star' with it. haha cute toy!

    when we came to this section, dear was like...'hey! its your territory!' haha barbie...i used to play with them so often. right jess? got the supermarket one somemore. haha. its so pink. haha. (fyi, i dun play them anymore. in case anyone wonders)

    and look at this! there's this section, when i look up the ceiling..its space! its relaly so pretty! still got the astronaut hanging up there..and the stars can glimmer one! very very nice! must go visit this branch! haha.

    When time is up, it was spidey 3!

    spiderman 3 is really quite good. ok i hafta confess i cried again. at the end..coz it was so touching! i didn't cry as much compared to 200 pounds beauty...but then i think i'm the only one there who cried for spidey. haha. embarrassed. i easily touched ma. spiderman 3 is not just about the action, thriller and all...it contains a whole lot of meaning and messages that we can learn from. It ranges all the way from friendships, to love, to sacrifice, good vs evil, etc etc. so many many things we can learn from. Look at harry and peter parker...they may have gone through arguments, fights, even life and death situations, but at the end of it all...through misunderstandings...they realised the value of their friendship and helped each other through the major crisis...and peter parker said 'best friend' to harry. its really so sweet...many times my friends ask me the question, who is not nice to you? and i always reply...everyone is nice in some way or another...i kinda believe, that everyone is nice just in different ways..they may have evil thoughts, evil intentions at some point time in their lives, but in all, i know that conscience is always there.. isn't it? hmm. maybe i'm naive. haha

    ok, enough said...i had a great day =) i miss dear, bobo & bibi!

    and min hwee, sandra, yuting etc etc. dun abandon me! hahaha. and min hwee...stop making me jealous! =)

    jess...i'm always with u....no matter how difficult a situation may be, i'm here for u. have faith, and God will provide. always praying for u. love u!

    tmr acqua outing and dear's eve chalet bbq.

    bobo & bibi

    Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    A big welcome to bobo and bibi to our lives! =)

    Today was really fun!

    I went out with dear to watch this movie called '200 pounds beauty' at the new cathay! it was really touching and quite funny also. I feel that although this movie, simply put, it's 'ugly duckling turned into swan', but it carries a lot of message on superficiality and how practical the world is. You don't have the looks, you don't get to be a singer...you're fat and ugly, all you can do is to be a backup singer..how sad to know how this world functions. oh well! but anyhow, the female lead relaly really chio! i was like...'i wanna have her height. i wanna have her legs. i wanna have her looks' hahahha! but i'm thankful to God for who i am ...so that was just a side note! OH! and i cried during the movie. so touching! hahaha...so touching when she confessed that she went through plastic surgery....anyway! its a relaly good korean movie. GO CATCH IT! =)

    Oh! before movie, dear brought me to eat lunch at 'sushi tei' at paragon. RELALY REALLY GOOD!!! i was like a pig. eat and eat. but eatting is happy. haha. thank you dear... =) thank you for those free vouchers!

    us! at the restaurant!

    another pic of us! haha dear...what do u wanna say?!

    the seafood mini steam boat.

    terriyaki chicken!

    gosh. i really look like a pig. zz...you can call me 'zhu mei' already. In all, we had this chicken, the steam boat, 3-4 plates of sushi and tofu! did i miss out any? anyway we were bloated! but happy!

    Then we headed to Plaza Sing to shop...dear bought a gift for his mom for mother's day... then we went to simei! and guessed what?!

    WE BOUGHT 2 HAMSTERS! our pets! Both females!

    BOBO & BIBI!

    This is BIBI! which represents me! haha...the whiter one...i think she eats more and sleeps more too! haha

    And this is BOBO! which represents dear! haha

    look at them in the cage!!

    see that roller thing there? it keeps going there and run and run...i feel super lazy compared to this hamster. maybe they will give me motivation to run! ahahha

    and this is the beautiful cage that we bought! wah, still bought food, the corn for them as base, the water thing for them to drink....etc etc.


    we're so happy =) they're like part of us now =) will take good care of them! they gonna bring so much joy to us!

    dear..thanks for the hamsters....so sweet of you...u bought them for me. (i also and will pay part of it haha)..but anyhow, dear..thanks for wanting to buy them for me to destress me when i'm stressed..to cheer me up when i'm sad. Thank you for the thought...and thank you for today! you always make my day! =) yay! i get to play with bobo and bibi tmr! dear's taking care of them...how sweet =) he'll do a great job! and i better start being more courageous and start carrying them...i still quite scared, only dare to stroke and watch them and ....talk to them! haha. =) love you dear! can't wait for spidey tmr! =)

    welcome bobo and bibi!

    Monday, April 30, 2007

    yabadabadoo! exams over oredi! yippe yippee!


    exams are over!! -relieved-

    Anyway, my last post was a pre-exam post, and thus, to end of nicely, here's a post exam post to briefly talk about the experience i went through.

    Before i begin, my dear asked me to advertise for 'xing wang's mango desert'. haha...my darling brought me to siglap xing wang's restaurant for dinner right after my horrendous matlab paper last friday. hee so sweet =) and we had such a feast! ok here's what happened...we ordered a plate of noodles, and some glutinous rice which were quite nice...then a plate of fried won tan! the thing is the picture on the menu showed really really big won tan and i'm such a big eater..was so hungry and wanted to eat that. and it ended up really really really tiny! like 10 times smaller the size. -.- so being hungry still, i looked at the desert...the mango desert look so nice...it looks huge but i thought since this restaurant uses picture to bluff the customers, shouldn't be that big...


    ITS HUGGGEEEEE! we looked at each other, stunned. it was so huge i didn't know how to start...haha. anyway we finished more than half. haha. look at my dear destroying the mountain! we even made ice carvings on it haha!

    okie...anyway back to the exams. it was so horrible. made me super stressed! its traumatic haha having so much to study...and facing really horrible paper which made me leave more than 30 marks blank. BAH. i just pray and cross fingers God will pull me through this exam. i dun wanna retake ahhh. hee...but its over now! and i'm a happy lil gal!

    here are some pictures of us during the mugging spree in NUS Central Library. This is what i do when i'm bored and tired of studying...photo whoring!! hur hur... *grin*

    me and dearest biting our pens...

    my dearest concentrating..hahaha...

    uhh i wasn't concentrating...i was posing. haha

    oh! and u gotta look at my maths helpsheet! MA 1506! i had to take picture for rememberance! its full to the brim...no space for more formulas haha.

    and my darling and guitar dearies were so sweet. thanks sandra for the motivational postcard! really sweeet! and i hope u all like the clips and the little note i wrote! yuting! didn't see u at the lib that day... or else i cld have passed u one that day too! =)

    and from my dear:

    so very sweet... =) love u!

    thakns sandra! the card is so me! haha (quoting from min hwee and my darling..i look like that little creature)
    ok enough of photos!
    To my friends (Jess, bitsies, min hwee, guo yi, etc etc...):
    thank you all for your encouragements...all the smses, msn chats...really mean so much. when i'm stressed, you all msg me to tell me to keep going...min hwee, thanks for all the good luck msges..sorry if i replied so late! thank you for asking me to jia you...thank you all! i love all of you! =) sandra! i owe u banana split! remind me ah! lets go for k box soon k! i miss it!...yuting ah! when u start work! leave some time for us k haha...or use the money u earn to treat us...wahahhaha. dun do so much shopping! :P
    To my darling:
    dear..you've been there for me throughout my entire exams...through thick and thin. You've been there, never leaving me alone.
    When i'm stressed and u know i'm stressed, you call me and sent me smses to encourage me all the way...
    When i'm tired and feeling sleepy, you'ld be my energizer fishy and bunny, taking silly pictures of yourself and send me to make me laugh....
    when i'm breaking down and feeling so demoralised, you prayed for me over the phone, and reminded me of God's love...
    when i'm getting frustrated, you did not get irritated..instead you calm me down..
    when i'm feeling nervous, you came to hug me and made me calm...
    when i'm feeling unconfident, you told me that i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me...
    above all, every single day, every single hour, every single moment, you told me....
    i love you.
    and i'm always with you.
    dear, you really mean the world to me. i know you've been there for me more than i've been there for you througout these exams. i made you sad coz it seemed my faith disappeared...i was in total frenzy and forgot about God's presence...but you brought me back, you brought me back to God. you reminded me of His love. Dear, if you haven't realised, you're the bestest boyfriend and soulmate in my heart. the one and only....thank you dear for all that you've done. I too, wanna do all that i can for you...i truly, thank God for you.
    Thanks darling for every single thing that you've done out of love.
    I love you. =)

    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    Emmanuel - God with us.

    This post will be entirely dedicated for my dearest and all my friends who are currently going through a difficult and stressful period, for the exams are near...

    I understand fully how it feels when there's only like less than 1 week left for some of us before the exam battle begins.


    of course i feel the stress and i understand the plight many of my friends are going through now.

    for me, revision has been bad. time passes quite quickly everyday and i could barely do much in a day. especially when my body seems to be wanting to catch up on sleep..its really hard when i'm tired and yet wanting to try to stay awake to read more but cant. and then waking up the next day to my dismay that i've one day less to study and i'm doomed.

    so...darling and my dear friends...don't worry ok. If you're feeling the above, u're not alone. I'm with u and God is with u. and i'm not lying here =)

    Darling -
    I know that EG1109 & MA1506 are killing you. They are, to you, your killer modules. and i fully understand what it is to practise so much yet always getting it wrong coz u just can't see it or due to carelessness. I know you're afraid to fail...but dearest, just remember to do your best and leave the rest to God ya? I'm with u, whether u pass or fail...we can fail in everything but let us not fail God. God gave us talent in different areas...there are some areas we're bound to struggle with but let us not be dismayed. God did not promise us to have a smooth life, but He promised us eternity and promised us that He'll bring us through all struggles. With faith, hope and love, you'll be fine k. I'm holding your hand and God is carrying you...you'll do fine honey..dont worry k! =) hugs. i love u!

    my beloved bitsie_rou-song, i know things are going hard for you. You're getting uptight, worried, stressed out ..to the point of breaking down. I know soci is probably not your flair and you're struggling with it. Dont' worry ok! remember what you always tell me...God will make a way and do not fear coz God is with u.. i know its easier said than done...but bitsie, God has promised to guide us through every step along the way. We need to have faith and confidence in the Lord. You're not alone...do not fear, do not fret. I'm with u, and whether good or bad results, remember it won't grant us entry to heaven. It's not the grades, but your love for God. Have faith and be strong for God ok! Don't let the devil topple your faith! you can do it bitsie! i'm supporting u through it all =) jia you k! gambatte!

    hey my bitsie who MIA for soooooo long! dunno how many donkey years! haha...miss you gal! we all miss you! but we all understand the immense amount of stress you've been going through. Glad all your assignments are completed bitsie! u can relax now but not too much k...also must focus on exams! :) you're the strongest amongst us...can sleep so little....yet accomplish lots of things! but just wanna encourage u to keep going k. if u're tired or stressed, just remember you've friends around u to support you and be with u..and i'm one of them k! thou we had little chances to meet up and cathc up, we stil support each other and we'll catch up during hols ya! =) jia you jia you! its soon gonna be over!

    Min Hwee
    darling! reading from ur blog, u having troubles with ur organic chem ya? do not fret k...would a mindmap help? coz it helped me for organic chem during jc haha. i know you also very busy, got lots of things to memorise since u're in chemistry. brain feels like exploding....but everytime u feel like exploding..just remember the race is soon to be over k. just try ur best...don't push urself too hard. still must take care of ur health k! you can do it! if u feeling super stressed, just know that we are all hear for u. and we'll run this race together till the end..then we can go celebrate! look forward to after exams! hee hee! gambatte girl!

    to guo yi, zhi zhong, nick, fred, yung chuan, hazel, xinling and the rest of acqua ...perhaps most of you don't have my blog or dont' read my blog...but just wanna say i know chem eng is really stressful. I haven't touched my maths...and my CN is killing me big time. heh! dun talk about cm or matlab! everything is killing me hahaha. but all of us in the same boat...we'll all help each other along the way yea...if u all dunno something...i can try to help. =) we'll all graduate together one day...let's just strive out best and get this over and done with yea? and hopefully we can forget all about clayperons, raoult, gibbs, malthus, henry and watever not. heh! jia you ppl!!

    to end off before i cont mugging, just wanna encourage all of us that God is working..God is watching us from above. Do not study for competition, do not study for fame, but study for God ya...for His glory. That watever results we get, give thanks for all that we have for God has His purpose for everything, and His plans are always pleasing and perfect. He is our redeemer, our savoiur. He will never forsake us. When you're weary, ask Him for strength. When you're stressed, lay all your budens at the foot of the cross and He will carry them for u.

    I probably won't blog till exams are over...so just wanna wish all of you good luck and all the best! God bless to all of you...and remember, you're not alone. love ya all! take care!! :)

    p.s. jess dearie...do not worry about your interview tmr! you will do fine! i'll be keeping u in prayer..always am =) trust in God ok and go in with full confidence knowing that God will provide. He's holding your hand and He will guide u through it. Have faith and thank God for everything. Shuould u get the job, do remember to spread God's love to the market place u're placed at...and i pray you'll be the salt and light of this world. =) take care dearie..will definitely catch up with u after my exams! sorry i've been so caught up with sch, and spending so little time with u all this while! just wanna say i love you and i'm always with u no matter how far we're physically! take care and God bless my bestest friend =) hugs!

    signing off,

    -love you darling- with you always...

    Sunday, April 08, 2007


    This is absolutely random.
    It just came into my mind.
    Though it's a little kinda cheesy
    But I thought it was cool.
    Don't you think so darling?
    love you dear..
    And yes,
    i'm mad from studying.
    Not that i've done much.
    But going MAD
    knowing there's tons to do.

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